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  • The perfect t-shirt. Made from extremely soft and durable Pima cotton and constructed using our uniquely engineered methods. Specially processed to withstand shrinking and fading it's designed to be the best shirt in any wardrobe.


    Materials & Care

    • 100% Pima Cotton
    • Imported
    • Machine wash in cool water.
    • Never use chlorine bleach.
    • Dry flat
    • Block to dry


    Care Tips:


    One rule of thumb is to ideally keep your shirts away from the dryer and wash them inside out to prevent pulling or tugging on the fabric and keep the fabric surface colors vibrant as the day you purchased it. Hand washing shirts is not necessary as it uses more water than typical machine washing methods and could lead to inconsistencies in the dye.

    You can dry your shirt in the tumble dryer on the delicate setting if truly needed.


    During or after drying, lay your shirt on a flat surface since hanging will cause it to stretch and lose its shape.


    Inside Tip: Lay your shirt flat on a laundry rack in the bathroom while you take a shower. Not only will the steam help to de-wrinkle your shirt, it will also help avoid any damage caused by normal washing and drying.

    Torre Del Viejo Perfect Shirt

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