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    A dedication to creating garments with the latest technologically advanced fabrics and processes to produce premium pieces is one of the many strengths of Torre Del Viejo. Through research, experimentation, and constant prototyping we look to  improve  everyday items such as t-shirts, hoodies, socks, and create outwear using fabrics that are at the forefront of innovation.  We  expose  our prototypes to a myriad of scenarios that ensure our end results are of the utmost quality.  


    We look far and wide for the most luxurious and technological fibers, from modified Supima Cotton to newborn synthetics hailing from the European continents. Our outwear is technologically advanced and our basics are a sustainable luxury. Our culture of innovation and background of tradition are some of the characteristics we embed into our garments, to create not just an article of clothing, but a piece of fabric of which our patrons can be proud of.

    The world knows that the current norm of fast fashion is unsustainable. We  seek to change that, through the development of durable garments that will maintain their color, structural integrity, and texture. Our premium basic pieces are  methodologically developed in order to provide  clothing perks,  such as durability, color sustainability, reduced ironing needs, and maintain texture integrity. While our advanced outwear, are  designed with not just style in mind, but the elements. heat retention,  water and windproof, abrasion resistance, are just some of the properties implanted in our pieces.


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