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 Old NFT's Tower 

TDV NFT's, our latest step at innovation and creativity in an ever changing world. We have been arduously studying how crypto, blockchain tech and Non-Fungible Tokens can provide value to our loyal patrons and improve the clothing industry.

Given that we do not wish to create an expensive experience for the sake of innovation. Our NFT's will be based around 4 types.

  • Authentication Items

  • memorabilia

  • avatar  *Under Construction*

  • Redeemable/Customization *Future Project*

*Disclaimer:  Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to engaging in a blockchain related transaction

Are just that, NFT's that serve as an ownership authentication token, to certify that the hodlr of that item is the rightful owner. These tokens are gifted to Patrons that purchase certain limited pieces.  NEVER SOLD.


Tokens that represent 1:1 historical items that have value towards the brand. Such as custom made marketing items, fan art, or prototypes. These tokens are not meant to be sold or auctioned, they are more akin to museum pieces that can be appreciated in digital form. 

LOSER HAT NFT #2_edited.jpg


Unique collectibles that are designed using the different assets in the Torre Del Viejo and LOSER vault. They may be designs, real life items or 1:1 Prototypes. Each Avatar will have background details, the items they wear will do as well, and they are not program generated.

 Redeemable /Customizeable 

NFT's that can be redeemed for the actual represented item. Be it a 'Perfect Shirt', a 'Stone' Soap or one of our bamboo socks. They are meant to be easily acquired at the price of the item.

Also, we are working to make them customizable in the future.

TDV Perfect Shirt Series.png
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