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El Futuro de la Ropa

Torre del Viejo is a brand that reflects innovation, without leaving the essence of the sensitivity of what it is in itself to be  a settler of the world. It's an idea that has quality at the forefront of its ethos by virtue of those who make this brand possible those, who are born servers. That is why every day we slave towards progress, the betterment that burns inside us, that is lit inside the thousands of people throughout the world. We feed it, with every visitor we receive on each and every individual who becomes part of the Torre Del Viejo,  "Pride in Heritage"      

- Javier Cosme, Owner, and Founder of Torre Del Viejo


    While Torre Del Viejo might have started out 5 years ago with the goal of becoming a brand, but it has moved on from that objective. It has evolved and transcended into a lab of sorts. We have refocused our efforts into more sustainable , longer-lasting , and innovative fabrics/construction . The world's current "Fast Fashion" Standard is very damaging and impossible to maintain. We strive to develop high-quality essentials and technologically advanced outwear in small quantities to lower the negative effects the fashion industry has on the planet. TDV seeks to be more than a brand, to forge itself into an institution of Puerto Rico that develops sustainable ethical garments. We don't need more clothing brands, or more clothing, we need better garments, that are reusable and last much longer. Torre Del Viejo has set out to do just that.

Small Quantities

    Our objective is not to mass-produce, but to create superior quality products while protecting the environment from the harms the fashion world produces. Which is why most of our pieces are either limited in quantities or 1:1. This way we have much more control of the wasteful nature of the manufacturing process as well as the quality control aspect of production. Technology is an ever-growing field and it impacts every aspect of our lives, Torre Del Viejo just decided to embrace it and make it part of who we are.

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