Patron Program

     The Loyal Patron Program is a tier system developed to appreciate our loyal of patrons. Through a hierarchical system made to appropriately reward each tier, we continuously add and improve the programs perks. Tiers range from Loyal Patron I to King V. Each with their own Torre Del Viejo Tag, tier, colors and materials. From Full Grain Leather to Gold Plated our tags are meticulously inspected and analyzed to be up to our strict standards. The delivery of each Tag is accompanied by a Authentication Code that will provide proof of the Tag's validity. We vehemently appreciate our Patrons, which is why we have developed such a program, to reward and deliver luxury at every tier.
Echelon System:
     The Hierarchical Order of the Loyal Patron levels consists on a variety of elements. This is due to the Torre Del Viejo Tags that accompany some of our garments (such as the Perfect Shirt). The higher the Loyalty Level the higher the rarity and value of the Tag. These are sent either as an addition to orders exceeding certain value, are part of a current garment piece or are gifted to valued customers. Another factor that is taken into consideration are the aforementioned interactions.
     We value our Patrons very highly, which is why through the Tier System we are able to gain a more personal relationship with our most fervent supporters. Torre Del Viejo grows and improves because of it's members and so we thank each and everyone of you.