Coffee Initiative

     We are always looking for ways to show how much we appreciate our Loyal Patrons. The Free Coffee Initiative was created to reward those patrons that are always supporting use one way or another. 
How it works:
     The Patrons that constantly interact with our pages on social media have a chance to win a coffee card on bi-weekly basis. Interaction consists of reviews, commenting, liking, sharing, direct messaging and tagging us on our social platforms. The patron that interacts the most will receive a Starbucks coffee card  or code as a thank you from us. Those that win various times are gifted the Loyal Patron Tag I. Patrons must have an account on our website in order to receive their reward.
Note: The coffee cards/codes range from 5$ to 10$.
  • Must have an account.
  • Must follow us on social media.
  • Coffee Rewards are limited to 3 per person.
  • Currently only Starbucks cards/codes are available.