LOSER is a Puerto Rican luxury fashion house and based in the mountainous town of Cidra, founded by a student, clothing designer (not really) and huge loser Javier Cosme. It produces both Haute couture-inspired artisanal collections and ready-to-wear collections. Championing a more 'archaic' approach to fashion, Javier reflects the 'chivalrous past of noble kin' that he says is reflected in what today's outcast wear, since Loser's are the counterculture, to a world filled with fakers. Operating from a philosophical and structural approach to his designs, he seeks to structure them with quality at the base with a noble chivalric concept delineated at the top. The brand is poised on the use of high-quality materials and immaculate construction for its pieces, with only a limited quantity of them being made each iteration. Ravaged by the unmoving will to make the brand and its country respected among the worldwide community LOSER strives to establish a foothold in the luxurious dimension of fashion.



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